Monday, April 9, 2018

Cover Me

Now that the boat has been flipped back upright, its time to start focusing on the deck.   I knew I had to refasten the coverboards, as they were the last remaining areas with galvanized steel (that had started to rust, the sheerplanks still have their steel, but they seem to be fine).  I also suspected I'd find some areas that needed repair due to iron sickness.

I started off by removing the port side coverboard.  it was just like old times removing old screws, but I have gotten a lot better.  Don't forget, heat is your friend. heat a screw for a minute with a soldering gun, if it doesn't move, do another minute.   I had pretty good success, and the only broken screws were caused by my own impatience.

Once the coverboard came off, it was prety clear that the batten that is used at the inboard seam of will need to be replaced.  to do that, I'll need to remove a bunch of the fasteners at the end of each deck plank so that I can spring the planks back to get access to the full batten.  This work goes pretty easy with the 3/4" brass screws holding down the deck.  I've read that I shouldn't reuse any screws so all of these will be replaced.

I'll also need to drill and plug all of the scew holes in the sheer plank... fun! 

One of the main reasons I had decided not to refasten the sheer planks was that they had a log going on,   screws from the deck stringers, screws from the coverboards, as well as the regular screws into the ribs.  Now that I had the coverboards off,  I thought - for about a split second - about doing the sheer planks.    I don't have time for that nonsense.

hope to have the deck planks sprung this weekend.  Seems my completion date keeps pushing out a bit, but still have a fighting chance to make it on the water for the May 20 race. 

Ordered the sails today. looking forward to seeing them full.

View from the bow of the coverboad area

the batten looks particularly bad right around the shroud plates.  Hoping this is isolated to the batten.

Here are the deck planks sprung at the aft quarter.  The batten is in better shape back here, but the whole thing will be replaced.