Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Turning the Corner

After many years of working on refastening in fits and starts, the hull is finally solid.   Last weekend, friends, neighbors, and strangers converged on my backyard to help turn Shady Lady.  We had a crew from Snipe Fleet 24, several neighbors, and even a Yoga instructor from Boston, who was staying at my neighbors air bnb.

Thanks to everyone for the muscles and the good company.

After the turn was complete, we even had a fleet meeting in my driveway, just like the meeting we had to restart the fleet 6 years ago!

It was nothing fancy, good old fashioned manpower got her off the trailer, onto some sawhorses, then lowered to the ground, and manually rolled over.   I was worried about whether this would be safe, but in the end, with plenty of people, it was easy.

Now the work starts in refastening the coverboards, refinishing the deck, and getting her ready to go in the water.

we have a wooden dinghy race in May, and I'm hoping to have her ready for that.

Here is the crew that showed up to help.   They were awesome!
on the ground, almost ready to rol

The snipe fleet on the partially stripped deck.

Here she is after getting right side up for the first time in a long time.  I had almost forgotten what she looked like

Removing the bungs from the coverboards, the coverboards were fastened with galvanized steel, while the rest of the deck planking was put on with bronze. so only two boards to remove.